Web design & development

Websites can't just be functional anymore, they need to look great and work well. 

Find out how you can get a website to suit your needs.

Digital marketing strategy

Find the people you want to talk to online at the moment they want to talk to you.

We can work together to find the right digital marketing strategy for you.

Hosting and web maintenance

Keeping a website up to date is more important than ever for security reasons. However, it's also more difficult than ever. 

It's also super frustrating to have to make changes to your website when you simply don't know how to.

I can help you out.

eCommerce store

In this new world online commerce is now hotter than ever and now it's even easier than ever to get a online store set up and selling. 

Want to start up a new online store? Reach out.

Getting Into podcasting

Podcasting is one of the hottest mediums in the world right now and it's not as difficult as you might think to get a podcast set up and off the ground. 

If you want to start podcasting and reaching new audiences, I can help.

SEO advice for bloggers

Thanks to my collaboration with BlogOn, I get lots of bloggers wanting advice on SEO. 

Since I've started I've developed quite a in-depth knowledge of how blogs tick. 

Don't worry about the host through my honesty box scheme too!

Social media / Google advertising

One of the best ways to get your product or business out in front of people is to use social media and Google advertising. 

This is where everyone goes on the web! Need some advice on how to reach them. Talk to me.

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Together we can make your ideas come to life. All it take is one small chat!