Hi! I'm Digital Marketing Punk

I create digital marketing strategies for all types of businesses. from FTSE 100's to starts ups and bloggers

Digital marketing is viewed in many different way. Some people find it easy, some people view it with suspicion.

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who all have their own experiences of digital marketing, but regardless of what people claim digital marketing is. 

At its very core, the principle is very simple to send the right message to the right people at the right time. 

Years in digital marketing
90 +
Projects done
People I've Influenced Through Marketing Voodoo

Why Work With Me?

100% Honesty

I've worked with some many people who have been burnt before my poor digital agencies. Sometimes, things don't work and I've found being honest is the best way.

Great Team Behind Me

No one person can do everything. In my agency, Ina4, I've build a fantastic team of people around me who are experts in their field and are constantly learning. 

Say No To Vanity Metrics

Clicks, impressions, views or view-thrus... these are all metrics in digital marketing that have their place. The fact is however, when it comes to you and your businesses you can about the metrics that matter.

The Blogger Honesty Box

Thanks to my collaboration with BlogOn conference I've been really fortunate to work with a series of bloggers on improving their websites. I know how tough blogging can be, so I don't charge a set fee for this. 

Pay me what you can, when you can. 

Do you want to start working together? Get in touch and let's discuss your needs.